Examples of 9 Successful eCommerce Websites Using Shopify Plus

ecommerce websites using shopify plus

Shopify is a popular platform for business-to-consumer (B2C) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. But Shopify Plus, an upgraded platform from the Shopify store, offers plenty of additional features that are ideal for ecommerce.

Shopify Plus features marketing, advertising, customer service, warehousing, and order fulfillment to streamline ecommerce processes and provide an end-to-end solution, which makes it appealing to many ecommerce brands. 

The upgraded platform also offers third-party partner apps that can help with fulfillment, shipping, and other logistics services. 

So, how do all these features translate to real-world value? Take a look at these 9 great examples of successful ecommerce sites using Shopify Plus.

1. Allbirds

Allbirds is a unique shoe brand known for simple, comfortable designs and a focus on sustainable materials. Though it’s a newer brand, Allbirds skyrocketed to success, earning $1.4 billion in its two years. 

Along with what works about the company, the Allbirds site has a user-friendly interface with strategic branding points and logical layouts. Each product page is bursting with color and offers options for the shoe color and sizes, in-depth material breakdowns, and features with real-world benefits. You’ll also find Instagram feed displays as social proof. 

2. TB12

Co-founded by NFL legend Tom Brady, TB12 is a health and fitness brand that sells apparel, fitness equipment, health supplements, protein powder, and other training products. At its start, TB12 needed a third-party logistics supplier that could expand its products across the US while keeping the expenses down. Shopify Plus is delivered options for logistics technologies and other tech options that streamline business processes.

3. BAKblade

BAKblade is an ecommerce store that offers patented men’s grooming tools designed to improve wet or dry shaving. The tool promises a safer process and smoother results, and after launching on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, the founders raised $150,000 in just a few days. 

Now, BAKblade is an eight-figure business and expanded to sell products in big-box retail stores. The brand not only benefits from offering an original product but fostered customer loyalty using Shopify Plus tools. Customers receive a 60-day, 100-percent return policy, new customer discounts, and shipping promotions. BAKblade proudly displays customer reviews, which are overwhelmingly positive.

4. Chubbies shorts

Chubbies shorts is a standout apparel brand that sells comfortable, summery clothing like aloha shirts and swim trunks. The brand was founded by four Stanford grads, Kyle Hency, Rainer Castillo, Tom Montgomery, and Preston Rutherford, in 2011. After rapid growth, Chubbies shorts became an omnichannel brand with a solid brick-and-mortar store.

Using Shopify Plus, Chubbies shorts prioritizes the needs of mobile shoppers and highlights excellent user experience. Some of the features include instant checkout savings, free shipping thresholds, and regular promotions. Another standout feature of Chubbies shorts is the messaging geared toward a highly targeted and segmented audience.

5. Death Wish Coffee

Founded in 2012 by Mike Brown, a coffee enthusiast, Death Wish Coffee is a brand leader in specialty coffee. With unique branding as the “World’s Strongest Coffee” and edgy merchandise, Death Wish Coffee boasts an estimated annual revenue of over $3 million. Death Wish Coffee not only achieved incredible sales on Amazon but grew to become one of the top Shopify Plus stores. 

In addition to the exceptional coffee, Death Wish Coffee is a sponsor of New York Comic Con and offers bundles, subscriptions, and limited-edition apparel, mugs, and other branded merchandise. Everything is on-brand, from copywriting to trending product ideas. For example, it offers a “100%, no-BS guarantee,” perfectly targeted to the audience. 

6. Bombas

Bombas is a sock brand that positioned itself with innovative designs, a fun attitude, and a generous sock donation program. After appearing on an episode of Shark Tank, Bombas was created in 2013 and grew, despite the founders balancing a business launch with full-time jobs. Once the founders reached $140,000 with crowdfunding, they were able to quit to focus on the business full-time.

Charitable donations weren’t a campaign for Bombas – it’s the foundation of the brand. The founders wanted to build a socially responsible, conscious brand that gives back. For every product a customer buys, Bombas donates one to homeless shelters across the US. Currently, Bombas has donated roughly 23 million products.


FLEO is a top fitness apparel brand that sells fitness shorts exclusively to athletic women. Despite considerable competition in the fitness space, the founder Babs King aimed to stand out with a brand marketed exclusively to women who do weight lifting, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit. 

While there’s a lot that sets FLEO apart from its competitors, the limited product lines with limited pieces generate a lot of demand and urgency with customers. Many fitness brands focus on yoga apparel for women, and FLEO is one of the few that offers products designed for strength-training women.

8. Makeup Geek

A maverick in the beauty space, Makeup Geek was founded in 2008 by Marlena Stell. The goal for the brand was to create an easy, fun makeup brand that’s approachable for all types of people, and the high-school music teacher succeeded in leveraging her YouTube channel into a multi-million-dollar beauty brand.

Along with professional-grade, cruelty-free makeup products, Makeup Geek supports customers by offering full tutorials for all skill levels, a YouTube channel with tips and trends, and other relevant content. Makeup Geek also offers full kits and create-your-own-palette options for full customization. 

9. Gymshark

Gymshark is an excellent example of a successful Shopify Plus store with a unique positioning. Unlike other fitness brands, Gymshark offers a full range of fitness apparel designed with comfort and quality in mind. Founded by Ben Francis at the young age of 19, the brand has skyrocketed into a multi-million-dollar business.

This is supported by a stellar store design. Gymshark’s products are highlighted with high-quality shots and quick-flip displays, allowing users to toggle between different angles and sizes easily. Gymshark also has an easy-to-navigate menu and comprehensive product pages. 

What Could Shopify Plus Do for You?

As you can see, Shopify Plus gave many ecommerce businesses the tools and tech stack to elevate their brand and create valuable, memorable user experiences to differentiate them from rivals. 

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