What Is IOT (Internet Of Things) And How It Works?

internet of things

In this era of modern IT, technology, and science have gained tremendous headway. Computer, internet, innovations, there is not really anybody in the cutting edge Society who is unaware of these words or doesn’t know about them. Technology and science have made human existence simple and straightforward.

IoT (Internet of Things) is an extraordinary illustration of the advancement in technology. The Internet of things has made everyday life very easy and comfortable and in fact even easier for us by utilizing current technologies and tools.

Have you seen the automatic opening and closing of doors when we enter and exit the mall? Have you ever thought of automatically on-off AC for the cold room, or the automatic opening of the car doors? These are enough examples of technologies that are surprising us day by day.

Yet, have you at any point imagined how this is possible or what is the technology which has been used to make it possible?

This stunning innovation is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a kind of innovation of science, through which numerous technologies and gadgets are interconnected with the help of internet sensors.

Basically, IoT is a concept that tells what would happen if all the physical objects of the world that are used in our daily life Will get connected to the internet. It is a set of devices that are connected to the internet which includes wireless sensors, software, actuators, computer devices, etc. They are attached to a special object that transfers data through the internet.

Working Process Of IOT

IoT (Internet of Things) is made by advanced modern technology. To use the Internet of Things, it is necessary to have general knowledge of computers and the Internet, as it is a networking technology. With the help of the internet of things, any person can connect the devices of his home together with the help of the internet, so that you can control all those devices from anywhere. It can be used even when the IP addresses of your mobile and devices are connected to the device simultaneously.

To use it, the devices are interconnected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Now data or instructions are exchanged between these devices through wireless technology. With the help of machine technology or computer programming, this technology can also be fully automated for which sensor is used in it.

Example – you were using the AC of your room at your home but suddenly due to some emergency situation you had to go out, and in this hurry, you forgot to turn off your AC. You realized later that you had forgotten to turn off your AC. In this situation, the Internet of Things can prove to be a useful technology for you. If your house is a smart home then through the internet of things, you can shut down your AC from wherever it is present.

Internet of Things technology can be used as a contribution in emergency situations like If a patient is kept on the life-supporting system in the hospital, and if suddenly the patient’s condition starts deteriorating, then in the circumstances by monitoring the vital signs of the patient the information of an emergency can immediately be sent to the doctor.


Today in the new era of technology, IoT Devices are being used every day in our lives. Like smartphones, TV, lights, AC, doors, cars etc. are used with the help of IoT sensors. Amazon Echo, Ring Doorbell, and Nest Thermostat are all a part of your Internet of Things but it is not just limited to IoT consumer products but in the medical field to agriculture industrial sectors as well.